“Wee-Weed Up”: An Explanation

In his press briefing today, Robert Gibbs was asked what President Obama was talking about when he referred to Washington being “wee-weed up.” I’m not sure the exchange was either very illuminating or very edifying, but here it is:

QUESTION: Robert, can you shed any more light — you mentioned a couple of days ago that there might be some events during the scheduled vacation, some conference calls (OFF-MIKE) and, second part, what is “wee-weed up”?
GIBBS: I don’t know if I should do that from the podium. It’s a phrase I use, but I’m…
QUESTION: (OFF-MIKE) [Can you give us a] demonstration?
GIBBS: Well, I was going to have Bill do that, but, yes, let’s do this in — in a way that is family friendly. I think wee-weed up is when people just get all nervous for no particular reason, when they — look, I think the way the president used it was — and I’ve talked to a few of you guys about this — in August of 2007, right, the rap on the president and the campaign was, they can’t possibly — well, first of all, they’re doing poorly in Iowa. They can’t possibly win the nomination, let alone the presidency, right? So I’ll leave those predictions aside.
August of 2008, everybody was nervous about whether the entire presidential campaign was slipping out from underneath the hands of the president who they previously didn’t think would actually be the nominee. So this is just — this is sort of an August pundit pattern between people getting overly nervous for something that still has a long way to go.
QUESTION: The bedwetting?
GIBBS: Bedwetting is — would be probably the more consumer- friendly term for — in terms of the first thing, I think — I think we’ll have some surrogates out doing stuff. I don’t anticipate the president will break his vacation.

Thank goodness President Obama is so eloquent, so articulate–so classy! If a troglodyte Republican talked like he does without a teleprompter, he’d be in real trouble.


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