At Dartmouth, the more things change. . .

Our friend Joe Asch tells us he will be blogging at Dartblog, the site about all things Dartmouth that our associate Joe Malchow started five years ago when he was a freshman at the college. This is a welcome development; Joe Asch is perhaps the best-informed, most astute critic of Dartmouth I know.
In Joe’s first post, he criticizes the decision of Dartmouth’s new president, Jim Kim, to reappoint Barry Scherr as Provost. Joe points out that Scherr, who has been at Dartmouth for 34 years, is part of “the Hanover Olde Guard that filled the senior ranks of the outgoing administration.” He concludes:

If Jim Kim could not immediately conclude that Scherr is not the Provost that he needs, and then set about finding a muscular academic leader for the College, someone with broad experience and a track record of innovation and achievement, then I have to wonder where Dartmouth is headed under her new President.


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