Ten for Tark

Like Newt Gingrich, our friend Hugh Hewitt is a fertile source of winning ideas for Republicans. Hugh’s latest brainstorm is “$10 for Tark” — his campaign to signal opposition to Obamacare via a $10 contribution to Harry Reid’s only announced opponent, former UNLV hoopster Danny Tarkanian.
Since Hugh mentioned his brainstorm yesterday during his syndicated radio show, he has received more than 500 e-mails with copied messages to Harry Reid, many with attached receipts of donations to Tark. Let us seize the opportunity to demonstrate to other Democrats the nature of opposition to Obamacare — that it isn’t just loud, but that it will lead to a funding burst for the GOP.
Contribute to Tark here. Then email Senator Reid here, and copy Hugh ([email protected]).
JOHN adds: Danny is, of course, the son of Tark the Shark. But he is an impressive guy in his own right and should be a formidable candidate.


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