Join Us at the Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is underway. Tomorrow the Northern Alliance will be broadcasting live from the Patriot’s booth from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Brian Ward and I will be on, as usual, from 11 to 1. If you live in or near Minnesota and are planning to be at the Fair tomorrow, stop by and say Hi.
I think this is either our fifth or sixth year of broadcasting from the Fair. It took us a while to figure out that we couldn’t do our usual sober political thing amid a crowd of Fair-goers, so now–especially in odd-numbered years–we concentrate mostly on Fair-related stuff and just slip in some politics here and there. I’m not sure what guests Brian has booked for tomorrow, but dairy, beef and pork princesses are on the list, as is a belly dancer. If the snake guy shows up, I’ll man the hand-held mic in the crowd.
The Patriot’s booth is easy to find: we are just a little ways in from the main entrance on Snelling Avenue, across the street from the DFL booth. Maybe we’ll try to stir up an impromptu townhall meeting.
This photo shows the climax of the Scotch egg eating contest at one of last year’s shows. As I recall, it was an exciting finish because the guy with his arms raised in victory in the picture was jumping the gun: he hadn’t actually managed to choke down the last of his Scotch egg, and someone else beat him to it:
This is the view from the balcony from which we broadcast. You can see the bad guys’ establishment across the street:
If you’ve never been to the Minnesota State Fair, or something similar–I’m not sure there is anything similar–it’s hard to imagine the sea of humanity that converges on the fairgrounds for two weeks at the end of every summer. I took this photo to try to suggest the size of the crowd:
So, if you’re there tomorrow, stop by and say Hello. If not, you can tune in as always, on the radio or anywhere in the world on the internet, on AM 1280 the Patriot.


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