Van Jones, the One-Man You Tube Channel

There are more videos of Van Jones flying around than you can keep track of. Here are a few more. In this one, Jones imitates President Bush on crack:

Here, he explains how white polluters and white environmentalists steer poisons toward minorities:

In this one, he recalls how the Bush administration used the flag to beat, whip and lynch anyone who wasn’t in favor of torture:

It’s not hard to picture this guy as a truther; actually, trutherism may be one of his more mainstream beliefs.
It’s almost time for the Obama administration’s Friday night news dump. Mickey Kaus thinks Jones is about to be thrown under the bus. Seems likely; with luck–from Obama’s perspective–he’ll be forgotten by the time people get back to business on Tuesday. If it happens, it will be news to the ever-dwindling cohort who rely on the New York Times and the network news broadcasts for information.
You have to wonder, though: how many more goofballs has Obama appointed to powerful offices in the federal bureaucracy?