Whom Do You Trust?

If you’re an American voter, you are increasingly trusting the Republican Party on most important issues. Rasmussen has the latest:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that while 44% trust Republicans more on [health care], the identical number (44%) have more faith in the Democrats.
Republicans still lead Democrats on seven out of 10 key electoral issues, including the top issue of the economy.

This chart tells the story:
Republicans are favored by 8 on taxes, 8 on the economy, 12 on national security, ten on Iraq, 7 on abortion, 1 on ethics and 12 on immigration. Those numbers should give Republican candidates a huge leg up going into the 2010 campaign season. Not surprisingly, in view of these findings, the Republicans also hold a generic Congressional ballot, 44-37.
It’s not too late for them to turn it around, but right now things look grim for the Democrats.


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