Morley Safer meets Sacha Baron Cohen again

At Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles take their investigation of ACORN from Baltimore to Washington with remarkably similar results. Breitbart describes O’Keefe’s work as “Morley Safer meets Sacha Baron Cohen,” which seems right on the mark to me.
O’Keefe and his lady friend again posed as a pimp and a prostitute in search of housing in which to set up shop with underage girls from El Salvador. O’Keefe and his lady friend again found the friendly folks at ACORN eager to help and, well, liberal with their advice. Video of O’Keefe’s visit with ACORN is here.
One might almost get the idea that ACORN is some kind of a criminal enterprise. Don’t they give Pulitzer Prizes for exposés like this? And since the Obama administration is so big into clawbacks, why won’t it claw back the federal stimulus money targeted for ACORN?


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