“If They Were Liberal, They’d Be Helping You”

James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles have released ACORN video number four at Big Government. This one takes place at an ACORN office in San Bernardino. Once again, O’Keefe plays a pimp and aspiring politician, while Giles ostensibly is a prostitute. The ACORN employee they meet with is more than happy to help them obtain a house where underaged girls from Central America can turn tricks. She says she used to do the same herself; not only that, she murdered her husband. At one point, the ACORN employee describes bankers who didn’t want to lend money to start a brothel as right-wingers. “If they were liberal, they’d be helping you,” she says. The entire encounter is surreal:

It’s hard to believe that ACORN can survive much more of this.


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