Americans Repudiate Democrats’ Hateful Strategy

As I’ve noted several times in recent days, the Democrats’ strategy of trying to pass Obamacare by smearing its opponents as “racists” rather than by debating the plan’s alleged benefits would be politically inept, even if it were not immoral. Confirmation comes from today’s Rasmussen survey, which finds that only 12 percent of Americans agree with the Democrats’ claim that “most opponents of President Obama’s health care reform plan are racist.” Even among Democrats, that absurd view is not widely held.
In that 12 percent, we have identified the hard core of President Obama’s support–those who, if the Obama administration said the moon is made of green cheese, would believe it. Or pretend to, anyway. We can call these people the Andrew Sullivan wing of the Democratic Party. Fortunately, that group is very small. Watch for it to dwindle further as the months go by.