House Votes to Defund ACORN

The House of Representatives voted today, 345-75, to cut off all funding to ACORN. All Republicans voted for the measure. That doesn’t mean it will happen, of course; the measure, which is attached to a student aid bill, goes beyond the scope of the Senate’s action earlier this week. Don’t assume that ACORN can’t ride out the storm and have its funding quietly restored by the Democrats, now that those in swing districts have had an opportunity to tell their constituents they voted to stop funding the voter fraud/tax fraud/prostitution organization.
For now, at least, supporting ACORN is hard to explain, as Senator Roland Burris found:

All of this results from the videos produced by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. They released the fourth in the series this morning at Big Government. This one comes from San Diego, and it is unbelievable–or would be, but for the ones we’ve already seen. The ACORN employee is happy to help smuggle 13 year old girls across the border to work as prostitutes. You get the feeling he’s done this kind of thing before:

In a second video at Big Government, the ACORN employee exhibits what might be considered an unhealthy degree of interest in Ms. Giles’ supposed services.
More videos are yet to come.


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