No comment

The decision to do without comments on Power Line was one of the first we made when we launched the site back over Memorial Day weekend 2002. Among other things,we were unwilling to post unmoderated comments, but reluctant to invest the time necessary to moderate them while we tried to balance the demands of the site with those of our day jobs.
Originally intending to give it a month, we have experimented with comments over the past four months. In this time an active community of commenters has responded to the opportunity to contribute. We appreciate the contributions of almost all who responded, but we have found ourselves unable to devote the time necessary for moderation while continuing to contribute to the site ourselves.
Accordingly, while we are retaining our comment software and will enable comments to particular posts on occasion (such as this one), we are terminating our experiment and returning to the status quo ante. Thanks to all those readers (well, almost all) who participated in our experiment with comments.


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