What, me worry?

Paul Rahe concluded his post about President Obama’s Nobel Prize by wondering: “what happens. . .when it becomes clear to our new Messiah that his presidency is not, as he repeatedly calls it, a ‘defining moment,’ that our allies are profoundly uneasy, and that our enemies abroad are laughing up their sleeves?” I have a different question along these lines: what would have to happen in order for these things to become clear to Obama?
The question should be asked, despite the depressing nature of the probable answer, because Obama thinks he’s operating in a kind of Platonic universe in which the rules of foreign policly, and indeed of cause and effect, as they have been understood for centuries do not apply. This raises the possibility that Obama’s world view cannot be refuted by the kinds of events that ordinarily would be deemed to serve that purpose.
For example, evidence that our allies are uneasy can be viewed as proof that Obama’s presidency is, precisely, a defining moment. After all, “change is never easy.”
It’s also unlikely Obama would notice that our enemies are “laughing up their sleaves.” Frankly, I’m not sure he would notice if they relieved him of his pants.