Keep America Safe

Three of our favorite people–Liz Cheney, Debra Burlingame and Bill Kristol–are collaborating on a new web site called Keep America Safe. The site will offer a hawkish perspective on national security matters; equally important, it will be a useful archive of original source materials for those who want to delve deeper into the news than the liberal media generally permit. This video is a good introduction:

The site’s founders explain their mission:

Like a lot of Americans, we have watched with concern and dismay as the Obama administration has cut defense spending, wavered on the war in Afghanistan, and launched investigations into Americans serving on the front lines of the war on terror, while at the same time expanding legal protections for the terrorists that plot to attack this country. These policies, along with President Obama’s abandonment of America’s allies and attempts to appease our adversaries are weakening the nation.
We’ve created Keep America Safe to provide Americans with information about critical national security issues and with a place where you can do something to affect those issues. …
Keep America Safe believes the United States can only defeat our adversaries and defend our interests from a position of strength. We know that America has, for 233 years, been an unparalleled force for good in the world, that our fighting forces are the best the world has ever known, and that the world is a safer place when America is trusted by our allies and feared and respected by our enemies.
Keep America Safe will make the case for an unapologetic approach to fighting terrorism around the world, for victory in the wars this country fights, for democracy, freedom and human rights, and for a strong American military that is needed in the dangerous world in which we live.


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