Keep Michele Bachmann In Congress

In less than three years in Congress, our friend Michele Bachmann has become one of the conservative movement’s most visible spokesmen. A tax litigator by trade, Michele is smart, articulate and telegenic. As a result she has become a cable TV regular. As her stature as one of Washington’s most principled conservatives has grown, she has become one of the Left’s top targets. Michele has never lost an election, but that won’t deter the Democrats from mounting a nationwide campaign against her. In 2010 her opponent, whoever it turns out to be, will have an inexhaustible war chest funded by liberal special interests. The Democrats are already raising money from supporters around the country to try to take Michele out.
Today, Michele’s campaign launched an effort to raise money from conservatives to counter the Left’s special interests. You can go here to donate and to learn more about Michele. I’d encourage you to do so.


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