My apologies to all Angels fans

In my post about last night’s playoff game between the Yankees and Angels, I referred to the latter team as the California Angels. What a gaffe! As many readers have reminded me, this team became the Anaheim Angels years ago and now is officially known as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
It should be obvious that I’m not a true fan of modern baseball. I more or less tuned it out after the 1994 strike. That’s why, when I write about baseball, it’s almost always about what was going on 50 years ago (there was no Angels team in the majors back then). My interest has revived a little bit, but doesn’t extend much beyond our local trainwreck, the Washington Nationals, and the playoffs.
This may be an argument against writing posts about current games. Fortunately, though, my substantive comments about last night’s game have received favorable comment from both New York Yankee and Los Angelees Angels or Anaheim fans.


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