Voters Trust Republicans Across the Board

For the first time in some years, likely voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on all ten major issues in the Rasmussen survey. On five issues the Republican lead is double digits:
Really, though, we could skip the other nine and just note that the Republicans lead 49-35 on the economy.
As we’ve said many times, all of this could turn around if the economy rebounds next year. And to some degree it probably will. But there are a couple of problems for the Democrats in that regard. First, hardly anyone expects a strong, Reagan-style rebound. The kind of modest recovery most economists predict won’t necessarily inspire voters to re-elect Democrats. Second, the Bush tax cuts expire next year. This morning we posted Mark Falcoff’s observations on Barack Obama’s upper-income voters. What were they thinking? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that for most, the prospect of steeply higher taxes will dissipate any warm feelings they might still have toward the Democrats by November 2010.