Health Care Regression: The Final Word?

Democratic efforts to pass a health care “reform” bill–any bill!–are reaching a crescendo in Washington and, to a lesser extent, on television nationwide where many millions of dollars worth of pro-“reform” commercials are playing, to what seems very little effect.
Somehow, most voters are able to see past the Democrats’ nonsensical claims and understand the implications of government health care. The Rasmussen poll writes what should be the epitaph for government medicine: after all of the hysteria the Dems have whipped up on behalf of their various plans, and all the calumny they have heaped on those who oppose them, the voters are unmoved: by a 51-45 percent margin, they oppose the Dems’ plans. That’s actually a bit of an improvement over last week, but with just one exception, approval of the Democrats’ various bills hasn’t hit 50 percent since June.
Here’s why:

57% of voters nationwide believe it will raise the cost of health care, and 53% believe the quality of care will get worse. … Just 18% say passage of the congressional plan will reduce costs, while only 23% believe it will lead to better care.

Remarkable: by a margin of 3-1, voters think Obamacare will raise the cost of health care, and by more than two to one, voters believe it will make the quality of health care worse. Isn’t that the death knell for government medicine? If not, why not?


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