Zelaya returns

Today’s news brings word that Manuel Zelaya will return as the president of Honduras thanks to American diplomatic pressure. It is perfectly fitting that the signal diplomatic triumph of President Obama’s first year in office is the restoration to power of the lawfully deposed Honduran thug and friend of Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega and Hugh Chavez. It is inimical to the national interest of the United States. It is a setback for the supporters of democracy in the beleaguered country of Honduras. And it is a defeat for those who believe in the rule of law. It is, in other words, a triumph of “smart diplomacy.”
Via Lucianne.
UPDATE: Linking to this AP story, reader Clifton Chadwick quotes these pargraphs:

The Organization of American States announced the deal late Thursday but did not release a text of the accord, in which Zelaya appears to have agreed to throw his fate into the hands of a congress that has largely supported interim President Roberto Micheletti….
The agreement appears to soften Micheletti’s previous stance that the Supreme Court — which has already rejected Zelaya’s reinstatement — decide the issue. Instead, the high court would make a recommendation, but the final decision would apparently be left to a vote in Congress.

Chadwick comments: “This is the same Congress that voted to throw him out. I have hopes that Hondurans have actually managed themselves well and will keep Zelaya out or totally marginalized until the elections which both OAS and USA have guaranteed to respect.” Chadwick comments further at his own site.
Fausta Wertz has much more here.