Is This What Obama Thinks, Too?

Jeremiah Wright was Barack Obama’s close friend, spiritual mentor and pastor for twenty years. Obama finally jettisoned Wright during the campaign, but Wright has refused to go away. Now we have a video of Wright giving a speech recently to a group hosted by Monthly Review, a socialist magazine, that reveals a bit more of his thinking. Here is the beginning of the speech:

“Land of the greed, home of the slave.” Wright always could turn a phrase.
One wonders, though: Obama says that Wright brought him to Christianity; in Wright, Obama finally found a form of the religion to which he could relate. In Wright’s speeches and writings, it is impossible to separate his “Christian” beliefs–I do not accept that his hate-filled rants are, in fact, Christian–from his socialist, anti-American views. I don’t know how to escape the conclusion that anti-American socialism, wrapped in a thin veneer of Christian jargon, was exactly what Barack Obama knew he was getting when he chose Wright as his spiritual mentor. And how could this happen, unless Obama shares, to a considerable degree, the same anti-American, socialist world-view?
If that’s true, it would explain a lot of what we have seen from President Obama in his first nine months in office.


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