Justice Louis Butler — too radical for Wisconsin, perfect for Obama

I’m past being surprised by the leftism of anyone President Obama nominates to any office, but it’s still worth flagging his more egregious selections. In this spirit, I call your attention to Ed Whelan’s post about Obama’s nomination of former Wisconsin supreme court justice Louis B. Butler Jr. to a district judgeship in the Western District of Wisconsin.
John Fund chronicled Butler’s lack of regard for the rule of law here. His decisions were so outside the mainstream that the people of Wisconsin — a “purple” state with a progressive tradition — voted him out of office. It was the first time in four decades that the Wisconsin electorate had turned out an incumbent justice of their state supreme court.
But now President Obama is attempting to unleash Butler on the federal judiciary, where he would be immune to the wrath of the public. As I said, not surprising, but worth pointing out.


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