No time for Sergant

Musician Gary Eaton has written a theme song for Yosi Sergant and the saga of the National Endowment for the Arts in the Age of Obama. The song is called “Yosi Needs a Hug.” Big Hollywood has posted an audio clip of Eaton’s engaging performance of the song here together with the song lyrics. Addressing Sergant’s forced departure from the NEA, Eaton shows how the truth of a particular incident can illuminate a larger phenomenon. The chorus really scores:

Blame it on Glenn Beck
Blame it on Faux news
If that doesn’t work
You can blame it on the Jews

What will Eaton do for an encore? Sergant’s demise, which Eaton memorializes in the song, is already old news, even if the chorus remains timely. How about something for NEA chairman Rocco Landesman…maybe something along the lines of “Rocco Can Really Hang You Up the Most.”


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