Dictatorships and double standards, part 2

Our friend Monical Showalter writes regarding the victimization of the heroic Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez (of Generación Y) by one of the dictators with whom Barack Obama takes no issue:

Yoani Sanchez, the adorable and vividly good Cuban blogger who blogs about Castro’s island hellhole from inside Cuba, using her own name, has been beaten up by Castro’s thugs for the first time. Yoani described it as “professional violence.” It’s never happened before.
It shows that the Cuba Michael Moore touts and the left praises is nothing but a vicious police goon state. This is the real Cuba. For a long time everyone wondered how Yoani could get away with the blogging she did without coming under fire from the Castroites, and well, now it looks like she can’t.
I think they’ve struck because Castro can’t stand the truth coming out about his hellhole regime, Yoani’s fame is growing, and Columbia J-School recently offered her an award that the Castroites wouldn’t allow her out of the country to accept. Now these animals won’t stop till they get her.

Monica directs us to this Miami Herald account as well as Val Prieto’s Babalú post. We earnestly hope that Americans will pay attention and speak up on behalf of Yoani Sanchez.