Humor Value Only

A Boston TV station discovered that Barney Frank was present in 2007 when police raided his boyfriend’s home in Maine and confiscated marijuana, bongs and marijuana plants. Somehow this didn’t come out until now. In the TV interview below, Frank professes ignorance of the contents of his boyfriend’s house–he was on the porch when the police arrived!–and says he wouldn’t recognize a marijuana plant if he saw one. It’s a wonderful image, really: the boyfriend has these weird, spiky house plants scattered around the premises and Barney thinks they’re ferns or something. And he didn’t recognize the bags of marijuana, the marijuana smoke or the bongs because he “only smokes cigars.”

A caller to our radio show today wondered whether this revelation will imperil Frank politically. Given that he professed similar ignorance of the fact that a previous boyfriend was running a male prostitution ring out of Barney’s home, a fact which Massachusetts voters found entirely unexceptionable, I don’t think a little dishonesty about dope will hurt him any.
This TV interview does contain the most credible statement I’ve ever heard Frank make: “I’m not a great outdoorsman.”