While Obama sleeps

NRO posted five segments of Peter Robinson’s Uncommon Knowledge interview with Victor Davis Hanson and Robert Baer. Professor Hanson is of course the brilliant classicist and historian; Baer is the former CIA operative and author, most recently, of Sleeping With the Devil. Baer’s See No Evil, about his days in the CIA, is must reading.
Robinson’s interview with Hanson and Baer focused on the challenge presented by Iran’s nuclear program. Will Israel strike? How would Iran respond? Our friend Jude has edited highlights of the Uncommon Knowledge segments with Hanson and Baer into a four-minute video (below). Jude writes: “The points where both men agree are a little chilling.”
All five segments of the interview are available at the Uncommon Knowledge link above and here at the site of the Hoover Institution. Hoover has also posted the transcript of the interview here.

On a related note, see Bob Owens’s PJM column “Iranian rockets captured by Israel identical to rockets fired at U.S. bases in Iraq.”