To Create Jobs, Cut Taxes and Spending

We’ve commented before on how often voters’ experience and common sense allows them to see through the fog of misdirection that emanates from politicians and the media. The latest example: 62% say that “tax cuts are a better way to create jobs and fight unemployment. Only 21% believe that additional stimulus spending is a more effective tool.” Overall, 58% say that increased government spending tends to be bad for the economy. Consistent with these views, 58% don’t believe the government’s claims about how many jobs the stimulus bill has “saved or created.”
This reveals what a hollow exercise the administration’s “jobs summit” next month will be. Here as in other areas, the Obama administration will dither because its ideological blinders won’t allow it to consider what most people know is the most effective course of action. This will only deepen the general perception that the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats are out of touch with the nation’s problems.