A hack argument

There’s a stock column appearing in left-liberal MSM outlets all over the country, The author varies, but the main point is the same: Republican Senators are guilty of “hypocrisy” for attempting to filibuster one of President Obama’s judicial nominees after having criticized Democrats for filibustering a host of President Bush’s nominees a few years ago. This piece by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post is an example of the genre.
But why is it hypocritical for Republicans to resist a regime under which judges nominated by a Republican president need 60 votes for confirmation — as so many did for years and some did until the bitter end — while judges nominated by a Democratic president need only 50 votes? Milbank has no answer. His response to Senator Sessions’ articulation of this point is to sniff “Un-huh.”
This is vintage Milbank — fourth-rate analysis coupled with third-rate irony.


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