“Six Charged In Town Hall Disturbance”

That’s the headline in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The reference is to the attack on Kenneth Gladney by thugs from the SEIU, although if you didn’t already know that, I’m not sure you could glean it from the Post-Dispatch’s account. One of those charged is a Post-Dispatch reporter who allegedly failed to obey police commands to leave the scene of the disturbance.
The union thugs are charged only with misdemeanors, so I assume it’s unlikely they’ll go to jail. But they should.
Gateway Pundit has more.
UPDATE: It occurs to me that if these union thugs had been Navy SEALS apprehending a terrorist mass murderer of Americans, rather than agents of the Democratic Party trying to suppress expression of a political view with which the Democratic Party disagrees, they would have been treated far more harshly. Why do you think that is?
FURTHER UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds offers a simple answer: “Because the SEIU thugs are advancing the goals of people in power?”