Mad As Hell

If you were a Congressman, these numbers would make you tremble: Scott Rasmussen finds that an astonishing 71 percent of voters describe themselves as angry at the current policies of the federal government. That’s up five percent since September. A plurality of 46 percent say they are “very angry” at the federal government. That’s up 10 percent since September.
Not surprisingly, voters continue to reject the Democrats’ health care proposals by, currently, 53-41 percent.
And, while the Republicans have not been able to take advantage of voter disenchantment with the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats as effectively as they might, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on eight of ten issues, including the economy (48-36), taxes (47-36) and national security (50-37).
The Democrats have less than a year to turn those attitudes around. Currently, voters’ negative views of the Democrats are hardening, not softening.