Phil Jones Goes Under the Bus, Temporarily

Climategate has claimed its first victim, sort of: the head of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, Phil Jones, is stepping down from his post while his university conducts an investigation. Jones is the author of many of the most offensive emails that have come to light, and richly deserves to be ousted from this and other positions, but it’s important to note that East Anglia U. could very well whitewash him and, after a few months, he could quietly return to his post. It seems clear that the alarmists’ strategy, in general, is to lie low and hope Climategate blows over.
Of course, some, like Minnesotans for Global Warming, are doing their best to make sure the scandal doesn’t fade quietly away. Here, M4GW performs “Hide the Decline”:

UPDATE: Excellent news: the Australian Senate has voted down their government’s cap and trade proposal.