Two related developments at Dartmouth

The trial judge heard oral argument today on Dartmouth College’s motion for summary judgment in the suit of certain Dartmouth alums against the College for breach of the 1891 agreement. The lawsuit seeks to restore to alums their historic right to elect half of the Board of Trustees.
According to Joe Asch, who was present at the hearing, the judge did little to indicate which way he will rule. This stands in contrast to his conduct during oral argument on Dartmouth’s motion to dismiss the first version of this lawsuit — the one brought by the Association of Alumni. Then, the judge’s questions gave a pretty clear indication he would rule against the College, which he did.
The judge’s ruling this time around is expected in a few weeks.
Meanwhile, the powers-that-be at Dartmouth have selected their candidates for the upcoming Trustee elections which will fill two vacancies. One is businessman John Replogle ’88. The other is a Washington DC pundit, of all things — Morton Kondracke ’60, the other half of the Beltway Boys.
Both, I assume, will do the bidding of the Dartmouth establishment, as the College continues to drift. Not that it matters much. The system is now rigged to prevent elected Trustees from having any clout.
Unless, of course, the litigation described above succeeds.


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