Back in Business, Sort Of

Lately my day job has been a day-and-night job. I just got home from Oklahoma City, where I spent the week. There was virtually no time to follow the news; all I know is that President Obama gave a speech and Tiger Woods got into some kind of trouble. (In the outside world, a lot more attention was paid to the latter than the former.) I did, however, notice this story, which has gotten some attention but not enough:

A doctor who witnessed the torture of opposition detainees in Iran died after eating a drug-laced salad, Tehran’s public prosecutor said yesterday.
The announcement raises the number of official explanations of Ramin Pourandarjani’s death to at least four. …
Dr Pourandarjani, 26, was doing his national service at the Kahrizak detention centre near Tehran, where hundreds of opposition demonstrators were locked up and beaten after the disputed election in June. …
Abbas Dowlatabadi, the public prosecutor, said yesterday that forensic tests showed that the physician died from an overdose of propranolol — a drug used to treat high blood pressure — contained in a salad that he had had delivered.
After Dr Pourandarjani’s death on November 10, officials claimed that he had been in a car accident, died of a heart attack and committed suicide.

They’re taking no chances, I guess.