Who’s the “mass murderer” now?

The Senate Democrats, along with Joe Lieberman who caucuses with them, held a meeting this evening to figure out how to salvage health care reform legislaton. The answer, apparently, was to jettison Harry Reid’s ridiculous Medicare expansion approach. According to ABC News:

Senators emerging from the special Democratic caucus confirmed that the Medicare buy-in proposal will have to be stripped from the Senate bill in order to achieve 60 votes, marking a major concession on behalf of liberal Democrats fighting to have a public option, or some kind of alternative.

Lieberman reportedly was happy with this outcome, but some of his left-wing colleagues were not. For example, the distinguished Senator from Illinois, Roland Burris, said “let’s not pass something just to pass something,” Burris has previously stated that he will not support a bill without a public option.
In a post from earlier tonight, I noted that Ezra Klein, a left-liberal blogger for the Washington Post, has accused Senator LIeberman of being prepared to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands by virtue of his unwillingness to support legislation that would dramatically expand the number of Americans with health insurance. If the tables are turned and it’s leftists like Burris who try to stand in the way of reform, will lefty bloggers launch similar hysterical attacks on these members?