Whatever happened to the Obamacons?

“Obamacon” was a category created by E.J. Dionne, or someone like him, to accommodate conservatives who supported and found substantial merit in Barack Obama. It was populated, thinly, by Doug Kmiec, Jeffrey Hart, Christopher Buckley, and perhaps a few others.
Where do the Obamacons stand now that Obama has served up almost a year of a left-liberal presidency and, if the public opinion polls are to be believed, lost much of his support even among “Obamoderates”?
Buckley has done the gentlemanly thing and “copped” to “getting Obama wrong.” Kmiec has been rewarded for his support of Obama with the post of ambassador to Malta (yes, Malta). This brought to an end his public pronouncements on politics, including his public support for Dawn Johnsen, the Obama administration’s nominee for head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department. Johnsen is so radical that the overwhelmingly Democratic Senate has not yet confirmed her.
As to Professor Hart, judging from his columns in the Dartmouth Review, he seems to have opted to stop publicly opiniing about contemporary politics. Hart now prefers to focus on the glory days of Ivy League football, which occurred during the early decades of the 20th century.
Who can blame him?


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