What about Ben? Part Two

Senator Ben Nelson says he’s not on board the latest incarnation of health care reform legislation. Nelson objects to the fact that the current proposal does not contain the language he wants with respect to abortion — language that would preclude those receiving federal health-insurance subsidies from being able to buy policies that include abortion services. Nelson also says he has other concerns. One would expect as much from any true moderate, considering the immoderate nature of this legislation.
It is rumored that the White House has threatened to place Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska on the BRAC list if Nelson doesn’t fall into line. The base is a massive employer in Southeastern Nebraska, so its closure would be a huge blow to Nelson and his state. However, according to John Noonan, Offut Air Force Base is arguably the most important military installation in the continental United States, and its closure would constitute the single largest shakeup to our nation’s nuclear command and control infrastructure in history.
So if the White House actually threatening to close Offut Air Force Base, Nelson should feel pretty comfortable about calling its bluff.