Keith’s carol

Keith Ellison represents Minnesota’s Fifth District (Minneapolis and inner-ring suburbs). He achieved fame as the first Muslim to win a congressional seat when he was elected to office in 2006.
I sought to document Ellison’s unsavory beliefs and associations in “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” and the companion post “Keith Ellison for dummies.” Suffice it to say that Ellison holds one of the most reliably Democratic seats in Congress.
The Star Tribune has posted a video of Ellison singing a rewritten version of “Jingle Bells” with a few of his constituents. Ellison introduces himself as “Congressman Ellison,” lest there be any doubt about his importance. Ellison then provides a little background to the singalong before the video jumps to the modified carol promoting socialist medicine. Will someone please report this to Garrison Keillor?

Via the Star Tribune. Acting as Ellison’s publicist, the Star Tribune has flagged the video as “Ellison carols for health care” on its home page and posted it here. Actually, Ellison carols for socialism.


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