An “Obamacon” resurfaces

Earlier this month, while wondering whatever happened to the “Obamacons,” I wrote that one of them — Douglas Kmiec — has been rewarded for his support of Obama with the post of ambassador to Malta and that “this [has] brought to an end his public pronouncements on politics.” It turns out that I spoke too soon.
Ed Whelan reports:

Kmiec is among the “[m]ore than three dozen [self-described] pro-life Christian pastors, leaders and theologians” who released a statement last Friday “applaud[ing] Sen. Robert Casey’ [sic] proposed alternative language on abortion” in the Senate health-care bill.

Ed adds that one “very experienced former U.S. ambassador” tells him that he “doesn’t know of any political or career ambassador who has ever signed a statement like Kmiec’s.”
But then, there have been very few U.S. ambassadors who owed their post to a willingness to provide political cover to the president through their advocacy on a single issue. And fewer still whose advocacy stood in such sharp contrast to the positions they previously had held.
Besides there’s not much to do in Malta (how many adventure parks can you open) other than to try to write your way to a more attractive place.
UPDATE: Ed wonders whether there might be an opening for Kmiec in Wales.


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