Learning from Hannah Rosenthal

Barack Obama’s appointed head of the State Department anti-anti-Semitism office is one Hannah Rosenthal. Like other Obama administration diplomats, Rosenthal has apparently decided that her real battle should be against Israel. Rosenthal made waves in Israel this week when she criticized Israel Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren for failing sufficiently to appreciate the phony pro-peace, genuinely anti-Israel organization J Street.
Michael Goldfarb asks: Are there not enough anti-Semites to keep Rosenthal busy even for a month before she starts attacking the Jews? I have two related questions: Who is Hannah Rosenthal and what does she have to teach us?
Ronald Radosh answers my questions and finds that Rosenthal is a reflection Obama’s radical past. Radosh’s post on Rosenthal has already provoked Andrew Sullivan into one of his patented hissy fits. Sullivan subtly characterizes Radosh as part of a “throng of Likudniks” who want Rosenthal out of office. Radosh responds with more civility than Sullivan warrants in an update to his post.


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