Baucus: Was He Drunk, Or Is He Stupid?

This video of Democratic Senator Max Baucus during the debate on the Democrats’ health care takeover is all over the web. Most observers say that Baucus was drunk. We report, you decide:

I claim no expertise in this area beyond normal human observation, but, for what it’s worth, I would say that he was drunk, but is an experienced drinker and was not terribly impaired. What is most interesting to me is how close he comes to articulating the Democrats’ real complaint against Republican Senators: they are traitors to their class, i.e., the political class. The Democrats’ health care takeover will hurt the American people but vastly expand the power of the political class. Hence Baucus’s outrage at Republicans who voted based on “political considerations,” which is to say, they sided with the people against their would-be masters. In Vino Veritas!