Curse of the disappearing cursor

Since being turned on to Mozilla’s Firefox browser a while back, I have become emotionally attached to it. One of its great features is its automatic saving of open tabs when Microsoft takes over my computer and restarts it overnight.
Over the past few days I have struggled with a cursor that disappeared and froze in my Firefox browser after every three keystrokes or so. I did not appreciate being forced back to Explorer, but Explorer was working without a hitch.
I have now uninstalled Firefox 3.5.7 and reinstalled Firefox beta version 3.6. This appears to have solved the problem. The beta version invites me to submit feedback via Mozilla’s Hendrix feedback system.
Why Hendrix? “The late Jimi Hendrix is credited with making popular the technique of using feedback in the creation of music.” (The link to Wikipedia is Mozilla’s.) You gotta love these guys.
I take this opportunity to present Hendrix performing his beautiful ballad “Little Wing” with the Jimi Hendrix Experience live at London’s Royal Albert Hall in February 1969.


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