Thune For President?

Politico has a mostly-nice profile of South Dakota’s John Thune as a possible Presidential contender in 2012.

For those in the GOP who aren’t giddy about a second Mitt Romney run and aren’t sold on the viability of Tim Pawlenty, Thune represents a mainstream conservative alternative.
Tall, handsome, not yet 50 and with the sort of sunny demeanor that winning national Republicans usually possess, the former high school hoops star looks the part.

Thune is one of the best guys we’ve got on our side of the aisle. He is very able, a solid conservative, seemingly liked by just about everyone and yet tough, I think, in the way that a political leader has to be. He is one of several Republicans who clearly have the right message; it remains to be seen whether voters find him to be the best messenger. If so, it’s fine with me.
The Politico story is positive, but this almost made me laugh out loud:

“To a certain extent, he’s our version of Obama — the tall, lanky, good-looking, well-spoken senator” is how a former top party official put it.
Yet some who have spent time around Thune said the comparison doesn’t hold up when it comes to the perception of towering intellect and that the more apt comparison is with another well-known national Democrat, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh

“Towering intellect”? Good Lord! These Washington reporters need to get out more. A plurality of voters think Obama is doing a poor job, and the most common perception of the President, outside of the Washington bubble, is that he is woefully out of his depth.
For better or worse, John Thune will never be overrated by the Washington press corps.