Take Responsibility? Moi?

One wonders whether the day will ever come when Barack Obama accepts the fact that he is President and has been for a while, and takes responsibility for the disastrous effects of his own policies. At some point, the President’s pollsters may tell him that it’s either take responsibility or face the pitchforks, but that day hasn’t come yet. In the meantime, Kathleen Stewart’s latest tune, co-written with her brother Steve, is on point: go here to listen to “Blame It On the Last Administration.”
Kathleen, an excellent jazz singer, has recorded a number of terrific songs which are collected on Take Back America. My personal favorite is “It Ain’t Your Money to Spend”–more timely than ever, for obvious reasons. If you are hosting a conservative/libertarian/let’s not bankrupt our children event and looking for entertainment, Kathleen would be a great choice. She performed at last year’s Freedom Club annual dinner and did an excellent job. You can contact her a [email protected]


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