Horror Story

In Turkey, a 16-year-old girl was buried alive by her father and grandfather to punish her for talking to boys:

The informant told the police she had been killed following a family “council” meeting.
Media reports said the father had told relatives he was unhappy that his daughter – one of nine children – had male friends. The grandfather is said to have beaten her for having relations with the opposite sex.
A postmortem examination revealed large amounts of soil in her lungs and stomach, indicating that she had been alive and conscious while being buried. …
It also emerged that Medine had repeatedly tried to report to police that she had been beaten by her father and grandfather days before she was killed. “She tried to take refuge at the police station three times, and she was sent home three times,” her mother, Immihan, said after the body was discovered in December. Medine’s father is reported as saying at the time: “She has male friends. We are uneasy about that.”

This is the hole in which Medine was buried alive:
There are around 200 “honor” killings annually in Turkey. Amazingly enough, they account for around half of all homicides.


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