When the going gets tough. . .

Rep. Patrick Kennedy will not seek re-election to Congress this fall. The Rhode Island Congressman, who has held his seat since 1995, explained that “his life has taken a new direction.” It has now.
As a result of Kennedy’s decision, the next Congress will be the first since 1962 not to contain a member of the Kennedy family. And it will be only the second since 1952 to have that distinction.
The sands of time, aided by a Republican wind, are finally blowing over the Kennedy legacy. Ted Kennedy has been succeeded by a Republican, his “memorial” legislation looks to be moribund as a result, and his son is bowing out of Congress.
JOHN adds: It will be nice to see a Kennedy-free Congress, but doesn’t this mean the Democrats will hold the seat? Patrick Kennedy has been an embarrassment to the Democrats for a long time. One wonders whether his party wanted to get rid of him, but felt unable to do so as long as Ted was alive. With Ted gone, Rhode Island Dems may have been free to throw Patrick under the bus.
That’s speculation, but be that as it may, I’m afraid Patrick Kennedy’s resignation may have cleared the way for his seat to remain in the Democratic column.


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