Cut ‘Em Off

Hugh Hewitt, following up on a terrific interview with Robert Duvall on, among other things, the movie Crazy Heart, likens Congress to a group of recovering alcoholics:

Congress is still hitting the bottle, hard. Even though it is going to kill many of its members politically. Most of the Republicans are in recovery, but as Senator Grassley proved yesterday, each one of them is one shiny press availability away from falling back into the depths of the governing style that proved their undoing in 2006 and 2008. …
What the GOP has to do, every day from now until November, is recommit to doing it differently, to stop the wild spending and the urge to step forward with a government program as a means of garnering favor. It doesn’t work and the public grows increasingly impatient for serious people saying serious things about our out-of-control federal government and our bankrupt states.
Senator Grassley’s huge mistake yesterday was a reminder to the GOP that it cannot have just one drink. It has to stand where it stood throughout 2009 –on principled opposition to the Obama agenda, no matter how many times a CNN correspondent insinuates that Republicans are somehow stopping the government from solving pressing problems. The country knows, as Ronald Reagan once famously said, that government is the problem right now, and must be pushed back and carved down, immediately.

Well put.


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