Republicans Retain Edge

Scott Rasmussen finds that Republicans hold a nine-point advantage among likely voters in the generic Congressional ballot, a stunning turnaround from President Obama’s inauguration, when the Democrats were up by seven points.
Meanwhile, in CNN’s survey, 52 percent of respondents say President Obama doesn’t deserve a second term. Somewhat amusingly, CNN concludes its article on the poll–grim news for Democrats–with a quote from Chris Dodd, who says Obama will win “overwhelmingly” in 2012. Dodd, of course, is one of a number of Democrats who are retiring from office rather than face the voters in what would surely have been a losing campaign.
Word of the Dems’ troubles is spreading, as England’s Telegraph headlines that Obama “faces mid-term humiliation.”
All of which makes me wish the election were next week instead of eight and a half months away.


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