Did the bleat of the lamb excite the lion? Part Two

Michael Rubin, posting at the Corner, adds another level of sophistication to the discussion of Hillary Clinton’s claim that President Obama’s policy of engagement with Iran failed, not because it was inherently a bad idea, but rather because of the rise of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iranian society. He writes:

The problem is that the IRGC was in control well before Obama took over; its rise is nothing new. Here’s my colleague Ali Alfoneh, back in February 2008 detailing just how the Revolutionary Guards had eviscerated Iranian society.

Michael agrees with my observation that the gains of hardliners in Iran may be related to internal developments, but adds:

Obama’s failure to understand the role and reality of the IRGC prior to launching his initiatives was certainly reflective of professional incompetence. Then again, Obama recognized that he lacked foreign policy experience. This is, in part, why he selected Joe Biden to be his vice president. Unfortunately, Biden’s record on Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is troubling indeed.


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