Reid unreconciled

It’s hard to believe that Harry Reid has risen to a position of leadership in a profession that is supposed to place a premium on likability. Perhaps he has grown crabby with age. When he adds goofy dishonesty to the mix, you have to wonder what’s going on.
In his opening remarks at the health care gabfest this morning, Senator Lamar Alexander asked the president to renounce the use of reconciliation to ram through Obamacare. Responding to Alexander, Reid unleashed a whopper with a nasty sideswipe implying Alexander had been lying.
“I read what the president has online,” he said, referring to the plan Obama released this week. “No one has talked about reconciliation, but that’s what you folks have talked about ever since that came out.”
However, as the Hill’s Eric Zimmerman notes, Reid himself suggested last week that Democrats would use reconciliation, and a number of Democratic senators have signed a letter urging Reid to use reconciliation to pass the so-called public option. Last week Reid also advised Senate Republicans to “stop crying over reconciliation.”
After asserting that “no on has talked about reconciliation” and that Alexander was not “entitled to [his] own facts,” Reid defended the use of reconciliation. If he keeps on like this, he may give Democratic politicians a bad name.


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