Health Care Summit A Bust With Voters

I haven’t seen any numbers on how many watched President Obama’s health care summit, but those who did (or who saw snippets on the news, or heard about it from their friends) apparently were not impressed. Obama’s approval index in the Rasmussen Survey dipped to -20 yesterday and is down to -21 today, matching the lowest level of his Presidency:
The approval index is a three-day rolling survey of likely voters; as of today, two-thirds of the voter interviews are post-health care summit. If Obama is down again tomorrow, he will reach a new low. Overall, 43 percent of likely voters at least somewhat approve of Obama’s performance, while 55 percent disapprove.
Obama also suffers from a major gender gap. His approval rating among men is only 37 percent. Given that his rating among African-American men is probably still in the 90s, this is a remarkably low number–lower, I believe, than George W. Bush’s rating among men at any time in his Presidency.