Crushing the Competition

It’s no secret that Fox is dominating the world of cable news, but this chart from TV by the Numbers, which shows ratings from 5 to 11 p.m. from the beginning of 2008 through last month, dramatically shows the trend; click to enlarge:
What’s shocking to me is how bad CNN’s performance is. As awful as MSNBC is, CNN can’t do any better. This also reminds me that not long ago, I heard Bill O’Reilly say that more Democrats watch Fox News than CNN and MSNBC combined. Looking at that chart, I’d say it’s true. It helps to be good, evidently.
It’s rumored that during the Olympics, when a curling match carried over into Keith Olbermann’s time slot, ratings plunged when the curling ended and Olbermann came on. Well, that makes sense. I’d rather watch curling than Olbermann. But then, I’d rather get a root canal than watch Olbermann, too.