Anti-semitism and Anti-Israel hatred on the Huffington Post, Part Two

I linked here to an expose of anti-semitism and anti-Israel hatred on the Huffington Post, as set forth in detail in this report. Now the same source — Huff Watch — has exposed the same phenomenon in the Huffington Post’s coverage of the assassination of top Hamas terror operative Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh.
As Huff Watch shows:

On February 17, after ignoring credible reports from news sources it regularly relies upon, HuffPost published a severely biased account of the recent assassination. . . .It created two incendiary, deceptive headlines that could only lead to the incitement of hatred of Israel, on unproven grounds. Users responded to this incitement by submitting comments containing hatred, libels and conspiracy theories against Israel, and support of Iran and the Palestinians — which HuffPost dutifully reviewed, approved and decided to publish.

Initially, it was widely assumed that Israel was responsible for the assassination. However, as time passed, sources that the Huffington Post regularly relies on reported facts that pointed in other directions. For example, it became clear that Israel was not the only nation or entity that had reason to wish for the demise of the Hamas terrorist. And two Palestinians were being held in connection with the murder. Yet, when the Huffington Post reported on the assassination on February 17, it did not mention these inconvenient facts. Nor, as more and more evidence has pointed away from Israel, has the Huffington Post been willing to report on that evidence.
Arianna Huffington has claimed that “the editorial stance of the Huffington Post is to debunk the right-left way of thinking, which has become completely obsolete.” She also says that the “highest calling of journalists is to ferret out the truth, consequences be damned” and that the Huffington Post “doesn’t pretend not to have opinions, but it does make them transparent.”
These claims are laughable. Ariana Huffington is to post left-right journalism as Barack Obama is to post left-right politics, except Huffington hasn’t fooled anyone.
If the opinions of the Huffington Post are transparent, this is the product of the transparent bias of its reporting — which is far more pronounced than that of the left-leaning MSM — not the product of any journalistic integrity or forthrightness. And that transparent bias is nowhere more apparent than in its reporting of matters related to Israel.


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